Il circuito del Montenero


Istituto luce

(4 Agosto 1935)

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Percorso Pubblicità
Coppa del Mare Montenero

1935 - 4 agosto
Percorso: lunghezza 20,000 km
“XV Circuito del Montenero - Coppa Ciano” Formula libera oltre 1100 cmc. (12 giri- 240 km)

1) NUVOLARI Tazio, su Alfa Romeo, in 2h.42’.08”.4/5 (media 88,808 km/h);
2) BRIVIO Antonio, su Alfa Romeo, in 2h.44’.06”.2/5;
3) TROSSI Carlo Felice, su Alfa Romeo, in 2h.48’.23”.1/5;
4) DREYFUS René, su Alfa Romeo, in 2h.49’.08”.1/5;
5) MAGISTRI Costantino, su Alfa Romeo, in 3h.00’.03”;
6) CHAMBOST, su Bugatti, in 3h.09’.30”;
7) MINOZZI Giovanni, su Alfa Romeo, in 3h. 16’.29”;
8) PICCOLO CUCINOTTA Letterio, su Maserati, in 3h.19’.25”.3/5;
9) SOFFIETTI Luigi, su Maserati, in 3h. 21’.17”;
Giro più veloce il 10° di Nuvolari Tazio in 13’.15”.4/5 a 90,474 km/h.
Ritirati:Brooke René (Bugatti) al 1° giro; Crestini Pio (Bugatti) al 3°giro; Ruesch Hans (Maserati) al 5° giro; Barbieri Ferdinando (Maserati) al 5°giro; Cornaggia Medici Giovanni (Alfa Romeo) al 7°giro; Siena Eugenio (Maserati) all’8° giro; Pages Luigi (Alfa Romeo) al 9°giro.

Vetturette 1100 cmc. (8 giri - 160 km)

1) TUFFANELLI Beppe, su Macerati, in 1h.59’.06”.3/5 (media 80,597 km/h);
2) BIANCO Ettore, su Macerati, in 2h.00’.52”.4/5;
3) VILLORESI Luigi, su Fiat, in 2h.1’.06”.3/5;
4) FERRARA Albino, Fiat, in 2h.15’.35”.3/5;
Giro più veloce il 4° di Tuffanelli Beppe in 14’.27”.2/5 a 83,006 km/h.
Ritirati: Ghersi Pietro (Maserati) al 3°giro; Cussini (Rocca) al 4°giro; Froy Dodley (MG) al 6°giro;
Musso Luciano (Fiat) al 6° giro; Bergamini Moris (Maserati) al 6°giro; Tongue R.E. (MG) al 7°giro.

(Da: Maurizio Mazzoni: “Lampi sul Tirreno”, Firenze 2006)

Montenero – Livorno (Italy), 4 August 1935
12 laps x 20.0 km (12.4 mi) = 240.0 km (149.1 mi)

Class over 1100 cc
2 Costantino Magisteri, Alfa Romeo Monza -2600cc:
4 Maurice Mablot, Bugatti T51 -2300cc (DNA - did not appear);
6 G. Cornaggia-Medici. Alfa Romeo 8C-2300 -2300cc;
8 Letterio Cucinotta, Maserati 26M -2500cc;
10 Antonio Brivio, Alfa Romeo Tipo B/p3 -3200cc;
12 Hans Rüesch Maserati 4CS -2500cc;
14 Giovanni Minozzi, Alfa Romeo Monza -2300cc;
16 Albert Chambost, Maserati 8CM -3000cc;
18 Luigi Soffietti, Maserati 8CM -3000cc;
20 René Brooke, Bugatti T37 A -1500cc;
22 Tazio Nuvolari, Alfa Romeo Tipo B/P3 -3200cc;
24 Luigi Pages, Alfa Romeo Monza -2300cc;
26 Eugenio Siena, Maserati 6C-34 -3700cc;
28 René Dreyfus, Alfa Romeo Tipo B/P3 -3200cc;
30 Ferdinando Barbieri, Alfa Romeo Tpio B/P3 -2900cc;
32 Carlo Felice Trossi, Alfa Romeo Tipo B/P3 -3200cc;
36 Pio Crestini, Bugatti T51 -2300cc;

Class up to 1100cc
52 Pietro Ghersi, Maserati 4CS -1100cc;
54 Luigi Villoresi, Fiat 508 -1000cc;
56 Ettore Bianco, Maserati 4CS -1100cc;
58 Dudley Froy, MG Q -750cc;
60 Albino Ferrara, Fiat 508 -1000cc;
62 Gino Rovere, Maserati 4CM -1100 (DNA - did not appear);
64 Giuseppe Tuffanelli, Maserati 4CM -1100cc;
66 Raffaele Cecchini. MG K3 Magnette -1100cc (DNA - did not appear);
68 Luciano Musso, Fiat 508 -1000cc;
70 Reggie Tongue, MG R -750cc;
72 Giuseppe Panzacchi, Rocca;
74 Moris Bergamini, Maserati 4CM -1100cc;

Nuvolari supreme
Montenero was a circuit where in the past years Nuvolari had shown his supremacy. In 1934 he had to give up to Varzi's Alfa Romeo but in 1935 he was again in a class of his own. Brivio (Alfa Romeo) initially led his team mate Nuvolari and Siena (Maserati six-cylinder). On the third lap Nuvolari took over the lead and held it to the end also making the fastest lap. The final order was Nuvolari ahead of Brivio, Trossi and Dreyfus, all four racing for Scuderia Ferrari. The highest placed non-Alfa Romeo finisher was Chambost (Maserati) in sixth position. In the 1100cc class raced simultaneously but over a shorter distance, Ghersi (Maserati) initially led but had to retire and Tuffanelli (Maserati) took the victory.
The 9th Coppa Ciano was run on the same day as the Comminges race. For the last time the Italian race was held on the twisty and dangerous Montenero road circuit. The German teams were not present so the race was mostly an Italian affair. The organizers of the Coppa Ciano still held on to the 1100cc class. Known as the Coppa Ciano Junior the class started behind the Grand Prix cars and had to drive eight laps instead of 12 laps for the larger cars. The course had been changed for 1935 at Ardenza with a new road that led between Parco Bartolini and the sea in front of the stands and ended with a right hand hair pin that led back once more past the stands and the time keepers' box. The pits were located in the narrow strip between the roads with a rather odd looking bridge construction connecting the section with the outside of the course. Despite the changes to the course it was still considered to be 20 km long and time keepers did not hesitate to announce speeds with three decimals.
According to Motor Sport a total of 150,000 Lire was offered in prizes.

The Scuderia Ferrari team once more divided their effort with two Tipo Bs of the earlier type sent to St. Gaudens and four cars appearing at Livorno, three of them with Dubonnet independent suspension for Tazio Nuvolari, Antonio Brivio and René Dreyfus, and one earlier cart sprung type for Count Trossi. His entry was a last moment decision, possibly because he still suffered from an eye injury received at the Turin GP, so the printed program did not include his name. In addition to these entries Tadini raced a seventh Scuderia Ferrari Tipo B at the Grossglocker hillclimb the same weekend so the team had to work hard getting all the cars ready. 16 inch wheels were used by the team at Livorno to get a lower gear ratio and Pirelli offered special tyres for the event.
Ferdinando Barbieri raced an independent TipoB/P3 (probably chassis #5002).
Four Alfa Romeo Monzas were entered to be run by Constantino Magistri, Marques Cornaggia- Medici, Luigi Pages and by Giovanni Minozzi (who was Antonio Ascari's nephew).
Scuderia Subalpina divided their efforts as well with two cars at St. Gaudens and a third six cylinder Maserati at Livorno for Eugenio Siena as well as a voiturette entry.
Two independent drivers entered 8-cylinder Maseratis. Luigi Soffietti raced a red Maserati and Albert Chambost a light blue one. The latter was the ex-Sommer car (3006) that in 1934 had been converted into a two-seater with the help of SEFAC mechanics. Letterio Cucinotta entered an old Maserati 26M two-seater and pictures from the start shows that he actually had a driving mechanic in the car during the event! Hans Rüesch in a white-red 1.5 litre Maserati had initially planned to go to the Grossglockner hillclimb but then selected Livorno instead. As the voiturette class was limited to 1100cc Rüesch had to race in the Grand Prix class.
A Bugatti T51 driven by someone named Pio Crestini and another Bugatti, probably a T37A, driven by French driver René Brooke completed the entry list. There were ten participants in the 1100 cc class. Pietro Ghersi raced Scuderia Subalpina's Maserati and independent drivers Moris Bergamini, Ettore Bianco and Giuseppe Tuffanelli entered Maseratis as well. British drivers Dudley Froy and Reggie Tongue raced M.Gs. There were three modified Fiat sports cars raced by Albino Ferrara, Luciano Musso (not to be confused with Luigi Musso, who was only 11 years old at that time) and newcomer Luigi Villoresi. Giuseppe Panzacchi entered a Rocca.

There were three practice sessions. On Thursday there were mostly voiturettes practicing. Cucinotta practiced as well as the 1100cc class drivers Cecchini, Froy, Bianco and Musso. All lap times were over 15 minutes.
On Friday Nuvolari was fastest in the Grand Prix class with a time of 13m.41s while Tuffanelli, doing 14m.37s, was fastest in the 1100cc class. Other drivers practicing included Barbieri, Brivio, Crestini, Pages and Rüesch in the bigger class and Bianco, Ferrara and Tongue in the smaller class.
On Saturday Nuvolari was again fastest even though "only" doing 14m03s and he was the favourite for victory. Of his team mates Brivio was considered to have the best chance to challenge him while Dreyfus was new to the course and Trossi arrived late and had no chance to practice at all.

Race day arrived with very hot weather and the stands as well as the road sides were full of spectators. A cool breeze coming from the sea made it a little easier for the people at the grand stand opposite the pit. Spectators on the main stand included Count Costanzo Ciano, who had donated the victory trophy back in 1927, his son Count Galeazzo Ciano, who at that time was Minister of Press and Propaganda, the latter's wife Countess Edda Ciano, who was Mussolini's oldest child, and a large crowd of other personalities and authorities.
There were 26 starters, 16 in the major class and 10 in the minor class. The latter were arranged in the grid behind the former. Costanzo Ciano passed between the competitors greeting them one by one.
At approximately 3:35 p.m. the event started. Unusually it was a flying start (or what in modern terms would be called as a safety car start). Mrs. Ajello, wife of Federal Secretary, with another lady by her side took off on the main straight in an open car with the 26 race cars following her through the hairpin and back a few hundred meters towards he pits. There Mrs. Ajello pulled her car aside while the other lady waved a flag and the race was on.

[N°10 Brivio – Alfa] [N°8 Cucinotta – Maserati] [N°6 Cornaggia – Alfa] [N°2 Magistri – Alfa]

[N°16 Chambost - Maserati] [N°14 Minozzi - Alfa] [N°12 Rüesch - Maserati] [N°18 Soffietti - Maserati]

[N°24 Pages – Alfa] [N°22 Nuvolari –Alfa] [N°20 Brooke - Bugatti] [N°26 Siena - Maserati]

[N°32 Trossi - Alfa] [N°30 Barbieri - Maserati] [N°28 Dreyfus - Alfa] [N°36 Crestini - Bugatti]
(Grid reconstructed from pictures)
Chambost's Maserati stalled at the start and had to be push started. Behind him Pages and Trossi had to circle around the Maserati losing time. Brooke was also unable to get his Bugatti moving creating trouble for Dreyfus.
Brivio took the lead and completed the first lap in 13m.47s to lead by 10.6 seconds from Nuvolari. They were followed by Siena, Barbieri and Trossi. Magistri in 8th position made a 1m.20s pit stop to change spark plugs and dropped to 13th position.
Ghersi led the 1100cc class from Bianco and Tuffanelli when The race order after the first lap was:

1. Brivio (Alfa Romeo) 13m.47s;
2. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo) 13m.57.6s;
3. Siena (Maserati) 14m.16s;
4. Barbieri (Alfa Romeo) 14m.22.6s;
5. Trossi (Alfa Romeo) 14m.40.2s;
6. Soffietti (Maserati) 14m.49.4s;
7. Minozzi (Alfa Romeo) 14m.56.4s;
8. Rüesch (Maserati) 15m.08.4s;
9. Dreyfus (Alfa Romeo) 15m.10s;
10. Chambost (Maserati) 15m.12.2s;
11. Pages (Alfa Romeo) 15m.28s;
12. Cornaggia (Alfa Romeo) 16m.08s;
13. Magistri (Alfa Romeo) 16m.19s;
14. Crestini (Bugatti) 17m.43s;

1. Ghersi (Maserati) 15m.28.6s;
2. Bianco (Maserati) 15m.29s;
3. Tuffanelli (Maserati) 15m.35.2s;
4. Bergamini (Maserati) 16m.15s;
5. Musso (Fiat) 16m.16s;
6. Villoresi (Fiat) 16m.47s;
7. Froy (MG) 16m.53s;
8. Tongue (MG) 16m.58.2s;
9. Panzacchi (Rocca) 17m.29s;
10. Ferrara (Fiat) 17m.29.4s;

After two laps Brivio was still leading but Nuvolari in second position had closed the gap to seven seconds completing the lap in 13m.43s against Brivio's 13m.47s. Siena in third place was already 42 seconds behind Nuvolari. Trossi had passed Barbieri for fourth and Dreyfus was up to 6th.
Brooke retired his Bugatti after having driven just one slow lap while Crestini's Bugatti had crashed. Fortunately the driver received only minor scratches.
At the end of the lap Soffietti in 7th position made a stop for plugs and lost a lot of time. Chambost was in 9th place, followed by Magistri, Pages, Cornaggia and Cucinotta but Chambost made a pit stop and dropped back.
Ghersi still led the minor class with Tuffanelli now second after passing Bianco. Panzacchi in his Rocca stopped in the pits. The situation after the second lap was:

1. Brivio (Alfa Romeo) 27m.35s;
2. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo) 27m.42.6s;
3. Siena (Maserati) 28m.24.2s;
4. Trossi (Alfa Romeo) 28m.35.4.2s;
5. Barbieri (Alfa Romeo) 28m.53.6s;
6. Dreyfus (Alfa Romeo) 29m.27s;
7. Rüesch (Maserati) 29m.46.2s;
8. Minozzi (Alfa Romeo) 29m.48s;

1. Ghersi (Maserati) 30m.31.2s;
2. Tuffanelli (Maserati) 30m.33s;
3. Bianco (Maserati) 30m.34s;
4. Bergamini (Maserati) 31m.37.6s;
5. Tongue (MG) 32m.39.2s;
6. Musso (Fiat) 32m.42.6s;
7. Villoresi (Fiat) 33m.00.6s(?);
8. Ferrara (Fiat) 37m.17s;
9. Panzacchi (Rocca) 37m.18s(?);

The brakes on Brivio's Alfa Romeo were pulling to the right and the driver had to give way to Nuvolari, who took over the lead on the third lap. Siena also had problems keeping his Scuderia Subalpina Maserati on the road and Trossi passed him for third position. At the end of the lap Nuvolari was leading by 7.4 seconds. Crestini crashed his Bugatti and had to retire.
In the 1100cc class Ghersi had retired, so Tuffanelli was the new leader. The order after three laps looked like this:

1. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo) 41m.11.8s;
2. Brivio (Alfa Romeo) 41m.19.2s;
3. Trossi (Alfa Romeo) 42m.26s;
4. Siena (Maserati) 42m.50.4s;
5. Barbieri (Alfa Romeo) 43m.31s;
6. Dreyfus (Alfa Romeo) 43m.39.2s;
7. Rüesch (Maserati) 44m.13s;
8. Minozzi (Alfa Romeo) 45m.06.2s;
9. Cornaggia (Alfa Romeo) 47m.07s;

1. Tuffanelli (Maserati) 45m.19s;
2. Bianco (Maserati) 45m.29.6s;
3. Bergamini (Maserati) 47m.10.4s;
4. Tongue (MG) 48m.38s;
5. Musso (Fiat) 49m.01s;
6. Villoresi (Fiat) 49m.04.2s;

During the fourth lap the situation remained unchanged. In the 1100cc class Tuffanelli had increased his lead to Bianco by over 20 seconds and Panzacchi had retired the Rocca. The times were as follows after four laps:

1. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo) 54m.51.6s;
2. Brivio (Alfa Romeo) 55m.03.2s;
3. Trossi (Alfa Romeo) 56m.10.4s;
4. Siena (Maserati) 57m.00s;
5. Dreyfus (Alfa Romeo) 57m.48.2s;
6. Barbieri (Alfa Romeo) 57m.54.4s;
7. Rüesch (Maserati) 58m.40.4s;
8. Minozzi (Alfa Romeo) 59m.52.6s;
9. Cornaggia (Alfa Romeo) 1h.02m.24.2s;

Cat.1100cc half distance:
1. Tuffanelli (Maserati) 59m.42.4s;
2. Bianco (Maserati) 1h.00m.14.8s;
3. Bergamini (Maserati) 1h.02m.50.2s;
4. Tongue (MG) 1h.04m.46.6s;
5. Musso (Fiat) 1h.05m.08.8s;
6. Villoresi (Fiat) 1h.05m.09.6s;
7. Ferrara (Fiat) 1h.08m.34.4s;

Nuvolari completed the fifth lap in 13m.23s beating his 1933 lap record. Rüesch retired with a broken gear-box and Barbieri retired with engine trouble.
In the 1100cc class Bianco had an accident, injuring his arm, but he was able to continue after having lost another 1m.15s to Tuffanelli. The race order after five laps was:

1. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo) 1h.08m.14.6s;
2. Brivio (Alfa Romeo) 1h.08m.44.2s;
3. Trossi (Alfa Romeo) 1h.09m.49s;
4. Siena (Maserati) 1h.10m.56.2s;
5. Dreyfus (Alfa Romeo) 1h.11m.50.6s;

Cat.1100cc :
1. Tuffanelli (Maserati) 1h14m00.5s;
2. Bianco (Maserati) 1h.15m.48s;
3. Bergamini (Maserati) 1h.18m.22s;
4. Tongue (MG) 1h.20m.57.2s;
5. Musso (Fiat) 1h.21m.20.4s;
6. Villoresi (Fiat) 1h.21m.27.2s;

At half distance Nuvolari held a 51 seconds lead over Brivio. The distances between the cars were rather large with no close fights going on.
In the 1100cc class Froy retired his M.G. with a broken crankshaft. Third positioned Bergamini and fifth positioned Musso had been forced to retire as well so the class was down to five cars. The order at half distance looked like this:

1. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo) 1h.21m.45s;
2. Brivio (Alfa Romeo) 1h.22m.36s;
3. Trossi (Alfa Romeo) 1h.23m.23s;
4. Siena (Maserati) 1h.24m.49s;
5. Dreyfus (Alfa Romeo) 1h.25m.38s;
6. Minozzi (Alfa Romeo) 1h.29m.11s;
7. Magistri (Alfa Romeo) 1h.30m.25s;
8. Cornaggia (Alfa Romeo 1h.32m.53s;
9. Chambost (Maserati) 1h.33m.56s;
10. Cucinotta (Maserati) 1h.38m.58s;
11. Pages (Alfa Romeo) 1h.41m.00.7s;
12. Soffietti (Maserati) 1h.42m.00.5s;

1. Tuffanelli (Maserati) 1h.29m.09s;
2. Bianco (Maserati) 1h.30m.51s;
3. Tongue (MG) 1h.37m.23.8s;
4. Villoresi (Fiat) 1h.38m.56.4s;

On the seventh lap Cornaggia retired with a broken rear axle. Minozzi had problems with the ignition and was falling back. Despite his lead Nuvolari was not slowing down a bit and completed the lap in 13m.22.4s.
In the smaller class 3rd placed Tongue retired leaving just Tuffanelli, Bianco, Villoresi and Ferrara in the race. Tuffanelli had made a stop to cure a misfire but maintained to his lead. The race situation after the 7th lap was:

1. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo) 1h.35m.05s;
2. Brivio (Alfa Romeo) 1h.36m.15s;
3. Trossi (Alfa Romeo) 1h.37m.05s;


1. Tuffanelli (Maserati) 1h.44m.13s;
2. Bianco (Maserati) 1h.45m.48s;
3. Villoresi (Fiat) 1h.55m.08.4s;

On the eighth lap Nuvolari improved his time again in 13m.19.6s. In an uphill curve, just before Romito near Calafuria, Siena crashed his Scuderia Subalpina Maserati. The driver sufferen only bruises and was able to walk the long way back to the pits. Dreyfus thus moved up to fourth and the Scuderia Ferrari team now held the four first positions.
The 1100cc class took the checkered flag with Tuffanelli winning from Bianco. The two Maserati drivers managed to avoid being lapped by Nuvolari. Third was newcomer Luigi Villoresi in his Fiat. The order after eight laps looked like this:
1. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo) 1h.48m.25s,
2. Brivio (Alfa Romeo) 1h.49m.43s;
3. Trossi (Alfa Romeo) 1h.50m.44.8s;
4. Dreyfus (Alfa Romeo) 1h.53m.16.2s;
5. Cucinotta (Maserati) 1h.54m.58s;

During the ninth lap the positions at the leading group remained the same. Brivio actually managed to make up three seconds on Nuvolari but the gap remained huge. Pages had to retire his Alfa Romeo Monza leaving nine competitors in the race:

1. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo) 2h.01m.56.4s;
2. Brivio (Alfa Romeo) 2h.03m.11.4s;
3. Trossi (Alfa Romeo) 2h.04m.55.6s;
4. Dreyfus (Alfa Romeo) 2h.07m.09.6s;

Nuvolari held a 1m.15s lead but for the "Flying Mantuan" that was apparently not enough. On the 10th lap he again surpassed himself and established another lap record doing 13m.15.8s. That would remain the fastest lap of the race. He was now leading by over 1 ½ minutes. The situation after the 10th lap was:

1. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo) 2h.15m.12s:
2. Brivio (Alfa Romeo) 2h.16m.43s;
3. Trossi (Alfa Romeo) 2h.19m.18s;
4. Dreyfus (Alfa Romeo) 2h.21m.07.2s;

Nuvolari still kept a fast pace doing the 11th lap in around 13m.23s. Trossi must have been in trouble as he did the lap one minute slower than his team leader. The race order after the 11th lap looked like this:

1. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo) 2h.28m.35s;
2. Brivio (Alfa Romeo) 2h.30m.23s;
3. Trossi (Alfa Romeo) 2h.34m.08s;
4. Dreyfus (Alfa Romeo) 2h.35m.09.2s;

Nuvolari took the chequered flag almost two minutes before Brivio to win the Coppa Ciano once again. Brivio, who throughout most of the race had had problems with a locking brake, finished second. Trossi was third, obviously also in trouble as he did the last lap in 14m.50s. Dreyfus finished fourth giving Scuderia Ferrari a 1-2-3-4 victory. Magistri with his Monza was fifth, Chambost in the Maserati sixth and Minozzi, who had had ignition trouble, seventh. Cucinotta finished eighth and Sofietti, who had suffered from persistent engine trouble, ninth.
It had been a fairly easy victory for Nuvolari who had dominated the race but to his honour he did not cruise but gave the spectators value for the money.

1° (N°22) Tazio Nuvolari, Alfa Romeo Tipo B/P3 -3200cc (12 Laps);
2°(N°10) Antonio Brivio, Alfa Romeo Tipo B/P3 -3200cc (12 Laps); (+ 1m.57.2s);
3°(N°32) Carlo Felice Trossi, Alfa Romeo Tipo B/P3 -3200cc (12 Laps) (+ 6m.14.4s);
4°(N°28) René Dreyfus, Alfa Romeo Tipo B/P3 -3200cc (12 Laps) (+ 6m.59.6s);
5°(N°2) Costantino Magistri, Alfa Romeo Monza -2600cc (12 Laps) 3h.00m.03.0s (+ 17m.54.2s);
6°(N°16) Albert Chambost, Maserati 8CM -3000cc (12 Laps) 3h.09m.30.0s (+ 26m.27.2s);
7°(N°14) Giovanni Minozzi, Alfa Romeo Monza -2300cc (12 Laps) 3h.16m.29.0s (+ 34m.20.2s);
8°(N°8) Letterio Cucinotta, Maserati 26M -2500cc (12 Laps) 3h.19m.25.6s (+ 37m.16.8s);
9°(N°18) Luigi Soffietti, Maserati 8CM -3000cc (12 Laps) 3h.21m.47.0s (+ 39m.38.2s);
DNF(N°24) Luigi Pages, Alfa Romeo Monza -2300cc (8 Laps);
DNF(N°26) Eugenio Siena, Maserati 6C-34 -3700cc (8 Laps) (crash);
DNF(N°6) G. Cornaggia-Medici, Alfa Romeo 8C-2300 -2300cc (6 Laps) (rear axle);
DNF(N°12) Hans Rüesch, Maserati 4CS -2500cc (4 Laps) (gearbox);
DNF(N°30) Ferdinando Barbieri, Alfa Romeo Tipo B/P3 -2900cc) (4 Laps) (engine);
DNF(N°36) Pio Crestini, Bugatti T51 -2300cc (2 Laps) (crash);
DNF(N°20) René Brooke, Bugatti T37A -2500cc (1 Lap) (mechanical)
??? (N°26) Giovanni Rocco, Maserati 26M -2500cc;

Fastest lap: Tazio Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo) on lap 10 in 13m.15.8s = 90.5 km/h (56.2 mph)
Winner's medium speed: 88.8 km/h (55.2 mph)
Weather: sunny and very hot.

Results of 1100cc class
1°(N°64) G. Tuffanelli, Macerati 4CM -1100cc (8 Laps) 1m.59m.06.6s;
2°(N°56) Ettore Bianco, Macerati 4CS -1100cc (8 Laps) 2h.00m.12.8s (+1m.06.2s);
3°(N°54) Luigi Villoresi, Fiat 508 -1000cc (8 Laps) 2h.11m.06.6s (+12m.00.0s);
4°(N°60) Albino Ferrara, Fiat 508 -1000cc (8 Laps) 2h.15m.35.6s (+16m.29.0s);
DNF(N°70) Reggie Tongue, M.G. R -750cc (6 Laps);
DNF(N°74) Moris Bergamini, Macerati 4CM -1100cc (5 Laps);
DNF(N°68) Luciano Musso, Fiat 508 -1000cc (5 Laps);
DNF(N°58) Dudley Froy, M.G. Q -750cc (5 Laps) (crankshaft);
DNF(N°72) Giuseppe Panzacchi, Rocca (3 Laps);
DNF(N°52) Pietro Ghersi, Macerati 4CS -1100cc (2 Laps);
Fastest lap: Giuseppe Tuffanelli, (Maserati) in 14m.27.4s = 83.0 km/h (51.6 mph).

Winner's average speed: 80.6 km/h (50.1 mph).
Weather: sunny and very hot.

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(by Leif Snellman in: The Golden Era of Grand Prix Racing)